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Hydro Massage Table

Our Mind and Body deserves the best care, and consistent massages bring many

benefits. One incredible technique that is often lesser known is hydro massage therapy.

It reduces levels of anxiety and stress and provides deep relaxation to improve health and
overall well-being.

The word hydro implies the use of water and therapy offers some healing effects. Massage
is an ancient form of healing that is known for decades as a source of several benefits
ranging from improved circulation and relief from stress, minor aches and pains. These
benefits are intensified when done regularly.

Water by itself is known to provide several benefits too. Warm water applied to the body
causes blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow. Cold water causes blood vessels to
contract. When used in an alternating manner, warm and cold water acts like a pump.
Therefore, hydro massage therapy is an intelligent way to incorporate the benefits of both
water and therapy to improve the quality of life. Hydro massage bed often uses pressurized
water that is fully customizable depending on individual preferences to deliver a full-body
massage. Sufficient pressure is key to get into the deeper tissues without pain or any
discomfort. The amount and direction of pressure can be adjusted to meet the needs of the

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are known to treat illnesses and injuries. It is
believed to help in the remedy of migraines and high blood pressures and improves
digestion, circulation and flexibility. By combining it with the use of massage therapy, the
beds provide rejuvenation and deep relaxation.

The benefits of hydro massage therapy are both tangible and intrinsic. It is a good way
to warm muscles up prior to fitness training to prevent soreness which can come from
repeated resistance-based motions used in weight training or high intensity group exercise
classes like Zumba. Getting the therapy after training is also a good idea to loosen the
muscles to avoid cramps and spasms.

Deep tissue massage for the water pressure will help relieve tightness in muscles from
daily stresses. The therapy is known to deliver enough pressure to the body so it can get rid
of harmful toxins out through the pores. The pulsations and warmth of the hydro massage
unit reduces the severity of stress-related complications and improves mood. The quality of
sleep is improved.

A number of people who have tried it reported noticing improved skin tone and reduction in
tension headaches. Aside from speeding up the elimination of metabolic waste, hydro
massage therapy is also good at stimulating the release of endorphins.
While it improves a person’s sense of well-being, it decreases levels of tension with each
use. It induces mental relaxation while it reduces mental stress.

As hydro massage therapy does all these to the body and mind, the benefits it offers to the spirit follows.

Taking a break from a busy lifestyle is a must to improve productivity and indulging in this type of
therapy is a much-needed treat for holistic healing.

Fernando De Guzman

Fernando De Guzman is the social media marketing and content manager for Carpenter Pain Clinic. He worked in consumer and commercial business for more than 5 years, building content, search engine optimization and social marketing programs from the ground up. Fernando has an incurable case of wanderlust and a love for maps and camera. He's often found exploring outdoors, trying new cuisine, or talking about new and nice places.